Why You Need Paving Contractor Insurance

Paving contractors face a variety of challenges to their business every day, and it can be risky for a contractor to work without the proper insurance in place. Our business consultants are paving contracting experts with several years working with companies that build roads and parking lots of all sizes. From small residential projects to the largest public freeway, paving contractors face obstacles that could lead to financial disaster if they are not properly covered.

We have the expertise and products necessary to protect your paving business. Our risk assessment professionals will look over your situation and create a plan that is perfect for your business. We will also maintain regular contact with you to make any recommendations on changing your coverage to keep up with your growing business.

Good Bidding Support

Paving contractors have to win bids to get their work, and they need good license and permit bonds in place to legally bid on the largest projects. We will work with you on a regular basis to make sure that you get your license and permit bonds on time to bid the biggest projects and keep your business going. If you ever have any questions or issues with your permit or license bonds, just give us a call and we will take care of the problem immediately.

Builder’s Insurance

Every paving contractor needs to have good builder’s risk insurance if they want to avoid the kinds of financial disasters that can occur with paving projects. We offer the full range of builder owner’s policies that your company needs to be able to work without worrying about what could happen if something went wrong.

Protecting Your Employees

Every contractor knows how important it is to have the right amount of worker’s compensation insurance, but you need experts to figure out how much the right amount really is. You do not want to pay for more worker’s compensation insurance than you need, but you want to be sure to protect your employees at all times. Our experts can work with you to make sure that you pay for only the insurance you need, and that your employees can work without wondering if they are covered.

Liability Insurance

Property, umbrella an excess liability insurance are all incredibly important to the success of your paving contracting company. No one can predict what will happen from job to job, but you can rest easy know that your company is covered if something does happen that you are responsible for.

Protecting Your Vehicles

If your paving vehicles are not running, then your company is not making money. When it comes to insurance coverage for a paving company, few types of coverage are more important than commercial vehicle insurance. We will sit down and examine your usage of company-owned, leased and rented vehicles to determine just how much coverage you need to keep your business moving.

When you own a paving business, you have a lot of risk areas on your mind. We invite you to give our experts a call and let us evaluate your risk, and then put together a plan to minimize it. We will make sure that your paving company has the protection it needs to do the work you do each and every day.