Construction Insurance

With our Construction Liability team on your side you have the advantage of their years of experience, knowledge, and expertise. All of your questions will get thorough answers and guidance as to what the correct insurance policy is for your construction company.

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Environmental Insurance

Environmental companies make a tremendous difference to our beautiful planet. That’s why at TCE, we offer insurance plans covering recycling, scrap metal, private sanitation, & recycling centers to provide safety and protection for your business.

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Transportation Insurance

We are all aware of the risks that are taken on roads and we also realize your customers have deadlines that are expected to be met. For your transportation company, we make sure you are protected and financially healthy no matter what happens.

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DSP Insurance

DSPs are constantly on the go which means you need the ability to simplify managing your business insurance, so you can focus on things you need to. That’s why at TCE, we provide a plan specific for you, to protect you from the risks that come along with the profession.

TCE is an innovative Insurance Firm
specializing in unique and hard-to-place
alternative risk solutions

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Last Mile


Crane & Rigging

What Is Captive Insurance?

We take the time to understand your business & your risk tolerance

It is our goal to provide quality insurance, coupled with unrivaled customer service and value. Our New York City based risk consultants are eager to talk with you one-on-one to put together the perfect combination of coverage. As your insurance broker, we negotiate the absolute best prices and eliminate the confusion and hassle associated with finding the right plan for your business or personal insurance.

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Take advantage of our experience, pricing, and proximity to protect what’s most valuable to you, at a surprisingly affordable rate.

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Energy Insurance

Our risk and insurance management programs have everything your business needs to preserve your company’s reputation and maximize your profits. We will take the time to make sure that your company’s interests are always protected, no matter what the situation may be.

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Life/Health Insurance

Our life and health insurance services are more than just pieces of paper that you file away in case something should happen. We have the best life and health insurance experts in the industry and we know how to protect your health and your future with our programs and plans.

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Personal Insurance

We know that there is a financial and an emotional side to the things that your family has accumulated. That is why we will take the time to assess your personal risk and put together a comprehensive coverage plan that will meet your family’s needs.

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What Are People Saying

"Great team with vast knowledge of ALL aspects of insurance.
There’s always someone there to answer our urgent
questions & concerns. They always place us with proper coverage and rates."

-Paul Zambrotta

What Are People Saying

"Services are prompt, quick, and affordable."

-Cosby Ikaev

What Are People Saying

"Alex found us the best price and beat out everyone else. He works hard
and is very diligent and I respect that very much. Very happy to have this company as my agent."

-Jessica Scott

What Are People Saying

"Staff responded quickly to my needs for coverage in the 11th hour.
Gave me a great quote and was very knowledgeable.
Would recommend for personal and commercial insurance needs."


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