What is Ambulette Insurance?

Ambulette services give people the freedom and ability to live their lives, however, they also leave the businesses that run them at heightened risk. The dangers associated with the job are similar to any transportation industry. Drivers may get into unforeseen accidents or a customer’s wellbeing may become compromised. The first step to the success of your business is ensuring your vehicles are legally licensed, well-maintained and insured. If you want your ambulance business to continue to grow and survive, you must protect every aspect of it. Ambulette insurance can provide that protection through coverage for business vehicles used in non-emergent medical transport.

What is an Ambulette?
An Ambulette is a medical vehicle responsible for providing non-emergent transport services to individuals who are unable to travel independently. These individuals are often wheelchair bound or residing in nursing homes, so they require specifically equipped vehicles and properly trained staff. Ambulette vehicles differ from ambulances in that they do not provide lifesaving support, and therefore do not have sirens and pylons to alert other driver’s of their passing. Emergency vehicles that provide medical or first aid services, such as ambulances, are not considered ambulettes.

Do I Need Ambulette Insurance?
If you run an ambulette service in New York, then yes, you are required by law to have ambulette insurance. Requirements will vary, however, they typically include a few types of coverage such as Auto Liability and Physical Damage Coverage, Workers Compensation, and General Liability Coverage. Make sure to consult with an insurance broker to receive a proper risk assessment for your business. You do not want to be over or under insured.

Get Ambulette Insurance Now
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