The Right Demolition Insurance For Your Company

The demolition industry is one of the most dangerous contracting fields for the workers and companies that are involved. There is a level of unknown danger on any demolition job site that could lead to company property damage, serious injury or even death. That is why demolition companies need to protect themselves and their workers in the event that an accident does happen.

Our business experts are waiting to talk to you about protecting your demolition business with the right types of insurance coverage. It takes a risk assessment professional to be able to look over your business operations and offer a plan that will protect you and the employees you rely on now and in the future. Our business professionals will put together a custom plan that will give you and your employees the peace of mind you need to do your jobs.

Business Liability Insurance

One of the most significant portions of risk protection for a demolition company is business liability insurance. You need the right amount of coverage to protect your company from unexpected damage to a job owner’s property, lawsuits and a variety of other elements that could work together to put your company out of business. With the right kind of business liability insurance in place, you can protect your business and make sure that you have the funding you need to meet those unexpected challenges.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Most states require demolition companies to carry worker’s compensation insurance, but it is important to understand if the mandated minimum is enough to protect your business. You need a professional organization to look over your insurance needs and determine how much worker’s compensation insurance will help to truly protect your business and your employees.

Pollution Liability

No matter how much testing you do on a job site, there is always the possibility that you will run into substances and situations that were not expected. Whether you have to deal with pollution issues right now or you are hit with legal proceedings years after a job is completed, this type of insurance will help to limit the financial damage for pollution that was not directly your fault.

Vehicle Insurance

Driving a commercial vehicle on a demolition job site is one of the riskiest things any contracting employee can do. We will sit down and go over your current vehicle situation and determine the best type of vehicle insurance for your company. We will also build in several scalable programs that will grow as your company grows.

Other Insurance Needs

Along with the insurance we have mentioned, we can also put together a demolition insurance plan that includes:

  • XC&U Coverage
  • Elimination of Subcontractor Limitations
  • Contractual Liability Protection
  • Waiver of Subrogation
  • Additional Insured Issues

It is important to provide your demolition company with all of the insurance protection it needs to operate without distraction. In the demolition field, one bad job could put your company out of business if you do not have the financial resources to fight back. That is why we insist that you call our business professionals for a customized demolition protection program. We will allow you and your employees to work knowing that if something goes wrong, you will have all of the resources you need to take care of every aspect of your business.