The Hidden Risks Of Demolition

For a large number of our construction clients, building work cannot begin until existing structures have been eliminated. Demolition is a dangerous business, and that is why we spend a great deal of time counseling our demolition clients on the best ways to protect their companies and their employees. If you are not a demolition company, then there are some hidden dangers associated with demolition that you should be aware of before taking on a demolition subcontractor.

Not Every Company Can Do Demolition

One of the most dangerous assumptions general contractors make is that they can do smaller demolition jobs themselves to save a few dollars. There are hundreds of considerations that go into every demolition job, no matter the size, that have to be taken into account before the job can be done safely. One mistake or one wrong move could mean property damage, worker injuries, and possibly deaths. If your project requires demolition, then you should invest in a professional company to get the job done right.

Environmental Hazards

Before any building or structure can be demolished, it must be evaluated for environmental hazards such as asbestos or lead paint. Not only would it be illegal to cut corners by ignoring these hazards, but you could also be putting the health of your workers at risk. As for the risk your demolition company assumes removing hazardous materials, we can offer you risk protection that will keep your company safe from potential financial issues resulting from environmental hazards.

The Right Method

When people think of demolition projects, they think of big wrecking balls or high explosives. The truth is that there are numerous demolition methods available, and it is up to a demolition professional to pick the right method for each project. Choosing the wrong method could result in worker injuries, and it could also cause the project to go way over budget.

Qualified Personnel

The false notion that any company can do demolition often causes general contractors to hire laborers to do demolition with little or no experience. The construction industry is experiencing a shortage in qualified workers, and that shortage is also affecting the demolition industry as well. If your demolition staff is not made up of highly qualified professionals, then you are adding risk onto an already risky activity. You should always hire only the best personnel to handle your demolition projects.

Company Equipment Perils

At its core, the demolition business is based on the systematic destruction of property. When you are in the business of destruction, it is expected that some of your company equipment is going to get caught in the crossfire. We offer coverage that protects demolition companies from the losses that can occur when heavy machinery or vehicles get in between the wrecking ball and the building.

Smart construction company owners understand that nothing in the industry can be taken for granted. Demolition is a very precise field that requires experienced professionals to complete each job safely and on time. If you are a general contractor that needs to remove existing structures from a property prior to construction, then it is best to avoid the hidden dangers of demolition by hiring professionals to do the job right.