Small Business Marketing Tips


When you have a small business, your marketing activities have a significant effect on the success or failure of your business. The issue for many small business owners is the misconception that marketing costs a lot of money and takes a lot of time. There are many different small tasks you can do that will enhance your company’s brand and help strengthen your marketing.

Become A Public Speaker

You might not realize this, but the schools and community groups in your area are constantly offering public speakers to groups that are interested. You should contact the schools and professional organizations in your area and offer your services as a public speaker. You can also register on various public speaking websites online to make yourself available, and even list a small fee for your time.

Be Active On Social Media

You should get rid of your personal social media pages and spend your time interacting with your business pages. It is important to remain professional at all times and avoid insulting, offending, or angering anyone with your comments. When you see a chance to make a helpful statement that involves your business, then jump in with that statement. You should also do promotions and other types of marketing activities on social media to keep your audience engaged.

Volunteer Your Time

If you have a skill or product that can benefit local charitable organizations, then you should volunteer your time to get you and your business more exposure. You might not think that volunteering is going to help your business, but a lot of other business professionals in your area volunteer as well. You could build your professional network and enhance your business’ brand by volunteering.

Make Videos

That smartphone you are holding in your hand has a very powerful video camera that you should be using for your business. Buy a tripod that can hold your camera still, and start making videos that would benefit your company. You could make videos of your products in action, or you can interview customers you meet on the street to get a video testimonial.

Write Guest Blog Posts

To go along with your public speaking activities, you can offer to write blog posts or articles for publications for free to help get your company name and your expertise out into new marketplaces. You can contact your local newspaper to see if they would be interested in publishing an article about your industry, and you can reach out to industry blogs to offer your expertise and writing services as well.

Marketing a small business is a full-time job, but it does not need to be boring. There are plenty of ways that you can market your business and expand your company’s influence while meeting new people and experiencing new things at the same time.