Livery Insurance New York, Taxi and Limo Insurance NY

Most transportation experts will agree that few industries are more unpredictable than the taxi and limo industries.

If you own a taxi or limo service, then you are well aware of how challenging some customers can be. But when your job is to make sure that your customers get home safely to their families, then you have no choice but to find ways to deal with the challenges that you face.

In our experience, taxi and limo company owners are most concerned with:

  • Protecting their employees
  • Protecting their vehicles and equipment
  • Protecting their clients
  • Protecting the public

One bad customer can cause a taxi or limo company to lose thousands of dollars in income. There are so many areas of risk in the taxi and limo businesses that you cannot be expected to identify all of them. However, our professional business consultants are trained to find risk and protect your company from persistent exposure that can cost you revenue. When our risk assessment experts are done evaluating your business, they will put our network of insurance providers to work creating programs that will reduce your risk and protect your business.

Before you buy another vehicle or pick up another client, you need to give us a call. Our packages include:

  • Auto liability
  • Physical damage
  • Professional liability
  • General liability
  • Workers Compensation

Each time you take on a passenger, you are exposing your company to risk. If you are not properly protected against that risk, then you stand to lose a lot of money. If your driver gets in an accident, then there are several dynamics at work that could cost you big time. With our help, you will be able to get past an accident and get back to business.

We are experienced in helping companies that do long haul arrangements with customers as well. When you take on a customer who wants to be driven round trip for hundreds of miles, there are special risk circumstances at work that we can identify and neutralize.

Let our business consulting experts put together comprehensive programs that will absorb your taxi or limo company’s tremendous risk and let you go on with your work day. We give you the confidence you need to grow your business and know that, if something goes wrong, your business is covered and protected.