Sand and Gravel

Sand and Gravel Hauling Insurance New York

When you are a sand and gravel hauler, you have a lot more on your mind than just your trucks and your crews.

Anyone who has ever driven near a sand and gravel truck as seen the “do not follow” sign on the back of the truck and has probably wondered what it is for. Every motorist who has never had to experience what it is like to follow a sand and gravel truck when it loses its contents in the middle of the road should consider themselves lucky. The transportation company owners who have been through that experience, know what risk is really like in business.

Our services offer a comprehensive risk analysis for sand and gravel carriers that includes:

  • An evaluation of the work you do.
  • A look at the most common types of materials you carry.
  • The routes that your trucks typically take for regular customers.
  • The overall exposure to risk that you face.

Big sand and gravel trucks that travel main highways are creating significant risk for the company with added exposure to other vehicles. On the other hand, taking back roads can increase fuel and maintenance costs. What do you do? That is when you call in our risk assessment and insurance experts to give you those tough answers.

We will sit down with you and evaluate the risk that you are exposed to every single day. Can you reduce your risk, but maintain profits, by taking different precautions each day? We can give you that answer as part of our comprehensive risk analysis package.

The sand and gravel transportation industry is filled with challenges and exposure to potential risk. When your trucks are on the road, risk is literally surrounding each truck at every turn. As your risk assessment business partners, we will make it our job to calculate the risk and put together programs that help you to reduce your exposure. We use our expertise and experience to make sure that your business is always operating at peak efficiency.