Paving Insurance

Paving Contractor Insurance

Being a paving contractor is difficult and competitive.

You look for the municipal work that will help put your company on the map, but you also do not want to shy away from the commercial and residential work as well. The more versatile your company can be, the more work you will be able to secure.

We understand the risks that come with that versatility and we know how important every aspect of your business is to your future. We can protect your business with comprehensive General Liability Insurance and competitive Umbrella Policies to increase your underlying limits. Our packages also include Workers Compensation, Auto, and Inland Marine for your contractors equipment. But we also understand those risk needs that are unique to paving contractors and that is why we are the perfect risk assessment and insurance partner for your paving business.

Some of the details we discuss with our paving contractor clients include:

  • Contract Review
  • Risk Transfer with your Sub-Contractors
  • Claims Review
  • Review Workers Compensation Experience Ratings
  • Pollution Liability

Did you know that your paving materials could be considered pollution hazards? Without the proper insurance, you would be liable for financial losses that your company may not be able to sustain. When you are moving your big equipment from one job to the next, you need the right kind of protection in case something were to go wrong.

We help paving contractors of all sizes, but we understand the special challenges of small businesses.Not only can we set you up with the liability insurance you need to protect your financial assets, but we also offer business loss of income insurance that can keep your company going as well.

Our experts have years of experience in putting together comprehensive plans for paving companies just like yours. We will sit down with you and go through all of the details that you are concerned with, and point out things that you may have never even thought of. It is our job to make sure that your paving company is able to meet the needs of your customers and generate revenue. That is why we put our years of experience to work creating the kinds of risk assessment and insurance products that your paving company needs.