Estate Planning

Estate Planning New York

Estate planning is something that everyone should think about, even if you do not own a home in the French Riviera.

We have a long list of customers who use our estate planning services to protect their assets and make sure that their wealth is passed on to the proper next of kin. Estate planning is not something that we do in lieu of a will. It is something that we do to enhance the value of an estate and make sure that your last wishes are taken care of properly.

In general, estate planning is concerned with:

  • Growing wealth
  • Protecting wealth
  • Transferring wealth to future generations
  • Leaving the resources to take care of your final arrangements when you pass away
  • Growth accumulation through your own personal captive insurance company

The biggest misconception about estate planning is that it is only useful as a tool to prepare for the time after you have passed away. Our insurance experts understand the dynamic nature of estate planning and we can show you how estate planning can benefit you now, as well as benefit your family after you have passed on.

One of the primary products we use in estate planning is whole life insurance. With whole life insurance, we can set up an investment portion where you can put your assets so they grow, and we can also create a death benefit that offers advantages to you and your beneficiaries.

How can a death benefit be an advantage to you? Our insurance experts will show you how whole life insurance can be used to bring you funds when you need them as you grow your estate for the future. We can educate you and your family on the benefits of estate planning and show you how important our services are to your family’s financial future.

When you work with TCE Insurance, you are working with a group that designs programs specifically for YOU the insured.

Our estate planning experts will also put together programs to deal with taxes, enhancing your retirement income, and putting together an asset succession plan that will keep cherished family heirlooms in your family’s possession.

We will also work with you to create a plan for the transition of your business to other family members after you have passed on. Our estate planning services are comprehensive and exactly what you need to make your retirement comfortable, and see to the needs of your family when you are gone.