Buy Sell Agreement

Buy Sell Agreement Insurance NY

Business planning is a complicated and potentially surreal process.

As part of your business planning, you need to consider what would happen to your company if you or your partners were to pass away. An insured buy-sell agreement is a critical document that would be responsible for the continuation of the business should something happen to one of the owners.

Our experienced risk professionals understand the emotional angle involved in owning and running a business. If something were to happen to you unexpectedly, your family could be faced with:

  • Business debt they cannot pay
  • Potential lawsuits from remaining partners and shareholders
  • Loss of the family’s financial stake in the company

You spend years of your life putting together your business and making it into a success. The last thing you want to do is have that success stripped from your family if something were to unexpectedly happen to you. That is why we offer programs that create buy-sell agreements that you, your partners, and your shareholders can live with.

An insured buy-sell agreement is a plan that gives your company the funds it needs to operate if something were to happen to you. It also provides funds for a succession plan, whatever that plan may be. If your family wants to be able to buy your shares in the company, then the buy-sell agreement provides the funds for that to happen.

For years now, our financial experts have been negotiating and creating buy-sell agreements that secure the financial futures of families involved in a variety of businesses. We understand the strong emotional bonds that families develop for the businesses that they become forever associated with and we take those bonds very seriously. That is why we work hard to put together a buy-sell agreement that will get you the results you want and keep your other constituents happy.

We will get involved in all of the negotiations for you and make sure that your family business is preserved. We have no problem giving you the options you need to make the tough decisions about a very important part of your life.

A buy-sell agreement is the time when you need an experienced insurance company on your side, and we have the resources and experience necessary to get you the results you need.