Risks Paving Contractors Need To Be Aware Of

Being a paving contractor means working with big machines and handling a lot of debris. But did you also know that paving contractors need to protect against possible pollution infractions and hazardous waste issues because of the materials they use? Our business experts are trained to handle all of the potential risk issues associated with being a paving contractor, and we spend a lot of time without paving contractor clients helping them to understand the risks of doing business.

Pollution Hazards

Laying down asphalt is not just hard work, but it can also bring about potential pollution hazard lawsuits and other pollution related problems. Asphalt has plenty of toxic materials in it, and working with asphalt in urban areas can become dangerous. That is why every paving contractor needs special pollution insurance to protect against any possible financial losses.

Your pollution insurance cannot help you if you do not understand all of the safest ways to handle your asphalt. That is why our experts work with every one of our paving contractor clients to ensure that the contractors know all of the rules and the best ways to make sure that they cover this hazardous risk.

Transporting Equipment

All of that big equipment a paving company uses must be transported using other larger vehicles, as per state and federal Department of Transportation laws. Paving companies use some pretty large equipment that can create a big mess if anything were to ever happen. A paving machine that tips over in the middle of a busy highway or a steam roller that becomes detached from its transport and slams into a row of cars could create serious financial problems for the paving company.

Our experts analyze the types of equipment each of our paving contractor clients use and create specialized risk protection programs set up to prevent financial disaster if transporting the vehicles goes wrong. Anything can happen when large vehicles are transported over ground, and that is why your paving company needs to be ready for anything.

Workers’ Compensation

From working in high traffic areas to working with tons of toxic materials, there is plenty that can go wrong for the workers of a paving contractor. While we want to make sure that all of our clients have the minimum amount of workers’ compensation insurance in place, we will usually recommend more insurance for our paving clients.

Good workers’ compensation coverage not only helps your employees to recover when they are injured, but it gives your employees peace of mind. Paving is dangerous work, and your employees will be more productive if they know that you have the right protection in place.

With talks of significant investments in the country’s infrastructure, now is a good time to be a paving contractor. But a paving contractor that is not properly protected from risk is a contractor walking the fine line between prosperity and financial collapse. Let our experts explain the risks you face as a paving contractor, and help you to put together a plan that will keep your company in business even under the most extreme conditions.