Most Common Business Insurance Claims

  1. Theft is a huge concern for businesses responsible for storing merchandise or cash inside of their buildings. While it is important to protect the business from break-ins, internal theft by employees is just as common. 
    Take steps to prevent employee theft, such as pre-employment screening, checks and balances, and diligent accounting. Additionally, invest in a quality security system to discourage criminal mischief.
  1. Fire is a potential threat to many industries, including manufacturing, healthcare facilities, and restaurants. Insurance claims can cover the financial losses due to the fire as well as any lost profit while your business operations are halted.
    To minimize fire damage or losses, regularly test your equipment and establish an emergency evacuation plan.
  1. Customer Injuries can occur anywhere on your business property and can add up quickly. General liability insurance will help cover the related medical and legal expenses.
    Because these incidents can be arbitrary, it is important to have enough coverage for the unplanned. However, it is still your responsibility to ensure a safe, clean environment.
  1. Water Damage resulting from rain storms or floods can cause severe disruption to your business. The right insurance can protect your business from natural disasters; including damaged technology and lost income. 
    To minimize damage, ensure all employees know how to turn off the water, regularly inspect the building, and insulate exposed piping.TCE offers coverages for businesses of all sizes across all industries. It is our goal to provide quality insurance, coupled with unrivaled customer service and value. Contact us for more information