Keeping An Eye On The Details

When our consultants start working with a construction client, the last thing we want to do is generalize that client’s account. When it comes to risk management, you need good details or else your claims may never go through. After many years in the risk assessment business, we have learned how to keep an eye on the details and generate paperwork that will protect our clients whenever they have a loss. It is just one of the essential services we offer to our clients that make a difference when it comes time to utilize the insurance programs we put together.

Your Equipment

Every contractor understands the importance of an equipment inventory to their business. If you want to get the depreciation for the equipment you own right on your tax filings, then you need accurate records. But the equipment records you keep for a risk management company are more detailed than they would be for a tax accountant.

As risk mitigation experts, we need to know every detail about every piece of equipment you own. That includes the make, model, year, serial number and other pertinent information required for a comprehensive inventory. But we also do a comprehensive inventory on every piece of equipment you lease or rent for each job as well. Criminals do not care if you own or rent the equipment they steal, but the insurance company cares. That is why we pay such strict attention to all of inventory information we generate for your equipment.

Your Personnel

For your worker’s compensation and liability insurance needs, you must have a comprehensive inventory of your personnel that matches the comprehensive nature of your equipment inventory. We will help you develop human resources procedures that will capture all of the information we need to write the insurance you must have, and place claims for you. Without detailed personnel information, we will not be able to get you the compensation you need to run your business.

Your Operations

We will regularly review your operations with you to determine where there is risk, and how we can reduce that risk. We are much more than just an insurance broker who writes policies to protect your business. We are a full-service business consulting firm that you hire to mitigate risk and protect your company from financial harm. One of the ways we do that is by reviewing your operations and making recommendations for changes when needed.

Your Bookkeeping

The bookkeeping we will do with you to help avoid risk is a little different than the bookkeeping you do for your accountant. We will look at things like equipment hours, security personnel on each site, and safety records. We will work with you to make sure that you are able to capture the information necessary to protect your company from risk, without adding unnecessary administrative costs.

As risk experts, we are trained to look deep into a subject and pull out all of the details. We know what type of information the insurance companies will need to process your claims, and we also know the circumstances that could work against you in a claim situation. That is why we work closely with you on a regular basis to identify the details that need to be cataloged, and then make sure we have those details properly captured and stored for future use.