Enhance Your Job Site Security

When we discuss job site security with our clients, we stress how damaging theft can be. A piece of equipment that is stolen represents lost assets and lost production time. Both of those losses add up to some real financial problems for our clients.

We have a variety of ways of protecting your equipment and helping you to get back on track as quickly as possible, but you can help to lower those insurance costs by investing some ways to protect your job site. A thick chain and a padlock are not going to be enough to keep thieves off your job site. You need to invest in real solutions that will keep your equipment and job site safe.

Security Cameras

Internet-enabled security cameras that can be monitored through an Internet browser anywhere in the world are inexpensive and effective. You can even get cameras with night vision to help make clearer images when the night falls. Since each camera comes with its own unique Internet address, you can do site monitoring from anywhere in the world. You can even hire people to monitor your site throughout the night without ever having them leave their homes.

Equipment Tracking

With a technology called geo-fencing, you can set up a perimeter on your job site that will alert you when any of your tagged equipment moves outside that perimeter. If you install a GPS system on each piece of equipment, then you will know where your equipment has been taken after it has been stolen.

Once again, these technologies allow you to monitor your job site from anywhere in the world. Most geo-fencing software allows you to receive a text or email the moment your equipment leaves its designated perimeter.

New Ignition Technology

You may have noticed newer cars being sold with technology that prevents anyone who does not have the key from starting the engine. Many of the newer models also have a feature that locks up the engine and prevents the vehicle from going anywhere without the fob with the chip in it.

Construction company owners will be happy to know that the new ignition technology they see on cars also exists for construction equipment as well. The days of a theif being able to hot-wire a bulldozer and drive it off the work site are long gone. Most new equipment comes with these features, and there are even kits available to fit your older equipment with these important security features.


Drones are becoming very common on construction sites for a variety of reasons, and one of the most popular uses of drones is for security. You can buy drones equipped with night vision cameras that will do regularly scheduled patterns over your work site to keep a close eye on all of your equipment. A drone can alert you to suspicious movements on your work site after hours the moment it is happening.

When our customers take job site security into their own hands, it makes our job a lot easier. If you want to reduce some of your insurance premiums and lower the risk of having your job affected by equipment theft, then you need to look into the newest ways being used to secure job sites all over the country.