Is Glass Insurance a Necessity ?


As you go through your commercial and personal insurance lines with your agent, your agent points out that you do not have any glass coverage on any of your personal or commercial vehicles. To you, glass coverage seems like an unnecessary expense considering how infrequently you would have to use it. The next day, you get a chip in the windshield of your car that quickly turns into a full crack. That is when you find out just how inexpensive glass coverage is compared to the cost of having glass replaced.

Insurance Tries to Offset Every Expense

The purpose of good insurance is to make sure that you are covered for any and every potential incident without having to take money out of your own pocket. If you get into an accident with your car, you can use your rental car coverage to get a rental vehicle at no expense to yourself. Without that coverage, you are left scrambling for a way to work every day. When you get insurance, you should get insurance that covers all possible expenses you could accumulate.

Premiums Pay for Themselves

Glass coverage added to your standard auto insurance policy is generally not very expensive, and most coverage will pay 100 percent for window replacement costs. If you take a look at how much it costs to replace the average vehicle windshield and do the math, you will realize that you will have to pay a lot of glass coverage premiums to reach the cost of having a windshield replaced. When you add in the fact that your glass coverage will keep repairing and replacing windows even after you have already had one replaced, you can start to see how this coverage would pay for itself.

Covering All Risks

Our risk mitigation professionals are always keen to point out that the worst time to find out how much money glass coverage could save you is if you don’t have it and you need to replace windows in your car. When you are buying insurance, you are covering as many risks as possible. Adding glass coverage removes a risk that could save you a lot of money in the future.

Multiply it by Your Fleet

A commercial fleet of vehicles is going to experience a wide array of problems, including glass issues. In some areas, commercial vehicles with cracked windshields are considered more dangerous than consumer vehicles. When you get your glass coverage, you are saving your company a great deal of money on routine maintenance and repair issues.

Glass insurance, for your personal and commercial lines, is a necessity. If you use that coverage just once, it more than pays for itself. If you use that coverage more than once, then you just became a smart consumer who saved themselves a lot of money with the right insurance coverage.