Importance of General Liability Insurance for a General Contractor

Accidents are an unfortunate occurrence on construction sites, with rates more than double those of all other sectors. As a contractor, you may need to have general liability insurance to protect you from liability. Otherwise, you will be financially responsible for any damage done to the client’s property or the site.

General liability insurance is also designed to protect you from losses if legally liable for bodily injuries, accidents, or property damage caused while on the job. Four percent of construction workers suffer from work-related illnesses every year, with 3% sustaining a work-related injury. For that reason, you need to have general liability insurance for general contractors before starting a new project. Here’s what general liability covers.

Third-party Property Damage

In order to ensure the delivery of satisfactory service to your client, there are risks involved. One of your employees may cause damage while repairing a client’s property.

If you are found liable for property damages made to a third party, you could face costly legal expenses and hurt your business reputation. However, this type of insurance will provide you with protection and help minimize your losses.

Third-party Bodily Injury

General liability insurance for general contractors can mitigate your loss when your firm is found liable for an injury to a third party. It is essential that you are protected from this type of liability. You may suffer from dire financial consequences as a result of the bodily injury expenses related to medical bills, pain, and suffering. You receive additional coverage for funeral costs and any other court fines.

Product Claims

The cover continues to protect you even after the completion of your work. Remember, if any of the work done ends up causing bodily harm or property damage, as a contractor, you may still be liable. Claims related to the damages caused by the equipment you have installed can be addressed through the general liability insurance for general contractor.

Copyright Claims

A competitor may sue you for copyright infringement on a product or design. You may design a product that makes the work done at the site easier to complete. Also, when a product becomes public, a participant in your industry may file claims of the idea being stolen.

Other forms of litigation may claim that the contractor’s promotional advertisement caused personal or financial loss to another interested party. You can face a case of copyright infringement.

Commercial general liability insurance services protect contractors from lawsuits or damages arising from claims during construction. You can benefit when insured properly; some these benefits include:

  • Liability insurance will aid you in covering costs and damage after a court judgment is passed.
  • It will protect you against injury or property damage.
  • Liability insurance covers attorney fees and court expenses.
  • It provides a level of security for your assets and employees.
  • General liability offers protection from independent contractors.
  • In Conclusion

You need to have adequate insurance to protect you against unforeseen accidents at your worksite. General liability insurance for general contractors is particularly important, as much of the work done poses a significant risk to your employees and the property. If you are sued for a cause covered by your insurance, the insurance agency will pay your legal defense and cover any settlement.