How to Protect Your Construction Site from Weather

Working under varying weather conditions often comes with unexpected disruptions. From severe rainstorms to freezing temperatures, ensuring you have proper reinforcements reduces any chance of potential damage. Preparing your construction site for inclement weather can significantly reduce delays and prevent employee injuries. As the seasons continue to change, we have compiled a list of best practices in order to protect your construction site.

Winter Preparation
During the winter, weather conditions such as snow, ice, and high winds can devastate your work site. Winterizing your machines by changing oils and fuels to cater to cold weather is essential. More specifically, switching coolant for antifreeze within any diesel engines will aid in their operation. It is crucial that you train your workers and have heaters on standby to prepare for freezing temperatures.

Rainstorms and Floods
As storms occur more frequently during the spring and summer months, it is important to tie down heavy equipment and secure loose objects. Bracing walls and covering equipment with heavy tarps will keep your items intact during high winds. To prepare for flash flooding, install a proper drainage system and ensure it works properly. Most importantly, find a reliable location to move mobile equipment and workers in the event of a flood.

Creating a Job Checklist
In order to prepare for severe weather, conducting daily check ins and implementing pre-storm reinforcements are necessary. Precautionary measures such as: creating flowcharts for employees to call supervisors, stocking emergency supplies, and posting emergency service contacts will reduce your site’s recovery time. Ensure that your workers are aware of any action plans to better prepare them for severe weather protocols.

Recovering from Severe Weather
A construction site’s recovery process is dependent on the thoroughness of your preparations. Getting your construction site back to normal will require efforts from your workers that can go beyond their typical jobs. Clean up any debris and assess the site for damages. Be sure to note any losses and take detailed pictures as evidence to show your insurance provider.

Returning to day to day operations after severe weather can be a challenge. Protecting your construction site depends on having the proper safety measures and a prepared staff. At TCE, we can help facilitate the process of recovering from damage and help address potential risks. Contact us today to see how we can protect what matters most to your business.