How to Protect Your Company’s Digital Assets

No matter the size or industry of your business, many of us rely on technology to store information and process business transactions. If you use an email server, a client portal system, or an electronic point of sale system within your business, you have sensitive digital assets that need to be protected. There are a variety of software and insurance options out there, but be mindful to regularly update your security systems and passwords to keep your data safe. These extra steps are the difference between protecting your business and its reputation and losing everything.

What Are Digital Assets?
Your business assets are anything of value, from cash to equipment and products to buildings. Digital assets are assets that exist online. They consist of any content you have that’s stored digitally on your business server or “in the cloud.”
Even though your accountant has probably already assessed the value of your assets, they may have left out your digital assets from their report, so it is important to take a look at what your business owns.

Digital assets can include:
-Business websites or blogs
-Social media accounts
-Logins & email information
-Business procedures & intellectual property
-Company apps
-Confidential client information

Cyber Risk
As organizations become more reliant on computers, networks, and social media, they are becoming more vulnerable to cyber threats. Data breaches can have irreparable negative impacts on unprepared businesses. The biggest threat to cybersecurity is human error. Cyber breaches are typically the result of missteps from employees within business, due to lack of awareness on the subject. To decrease the chances of this, encourage employees to follow strict security guidelines surrounding password protections, personal devices and email malware. Anti-virus software, VPN’s, and password managers are also suggested for an extra layer of safety.

If you are a business owner, then you have assets that need to be protected. It is important to get the right cyber insurance coverage to protect yourself from theft or damage. Technology can be intimidating and confusing, especially for the average business owner who already has enough on their plate. Prepare for the worst case scenario by having cyber insurance that covers your business’ computer systems and networks. At TCE Insurance, we’ll walk you through the coverage your business needs and provide you with the safety you deserve