COVID-19 Cyber Threats

Cyberthreats continuously evolve with public behavior and trends in order to take advantage of their targets’ activity. While the majority of the world has been consumed by fear of the ongoing pandemic, organized online crime groups have begun exploiting the uncertainty and doubt COVID-19 has brought onto individuals and businesses. Since the beginning of the pandemic, cyber criminals have been utilizing various COVID-19 themed cyber attacks that can severely threaten the integrity or workflow of a company. Talk to the individuals within your organization to ensure they are conscious of the potentially suspicious cyber activity happening.

Types of Cyber Threats
Malicious Domains
In response to the growing number of people searching for safety information and support, cybercriminals have registered several domains containing terms relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. These domains are used to collect data on users and carry out spam or phishing campaigns on vulnerable parties.

Malware is a blanket term for viruses, trojans and other harmful software used by cyber criminals to gain access to sensitive information. Due to the widespread global communication brought on by the pandemic, cybercriminals have had an easier time masking, scaling, and completing their suspicious activities.

Videoconferencing Attacks
With the surge in video conferencing for business meetings and virtual social gatherings, cybercriminals have taken this opportunity to launch a new series of targeted attacks, such as meeting bombing, sharing malicious links, and stealing important data.
Reduce Your Organization’s Risk
The effects of COVID-19 will drive significant changes in how your organization works and stays secure. Be sure to back up any critical systems and data that your organization uses on a regular basis to be prepared in the event of a cyber attack. Practice common cyber safety tips and acknowledge the increased risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. If you need a cyber risk management team to ensure your organization is most efficiently prepared for current threats and exposures, contact TCE Insurance today.