Choosing A Good Commercial Insurance Plan

Commercial liability insurance is different than the liability insurance you get with your personal vehicle or your homeowners insurance. At the commercial level, there are a lot of questions you have to ask in order to make sure you are getting the right coverage. It is important to be as comprehensive as possible when choosing a policy that will protect your business.

Number Of Partners

When you set up your commercial liability insurance, information such as the number of partners or owners there are in the business is extremely important. If you have three partners and only reveal two to the insurance company, then they might bill you later for retroactive costs for not having the third partner covered. Be sure to collect all relevant information regarding the structure of your business so that your agent can develop an accurate liability policy for you.

Watch For Charges

Sometimes charges get added to a commercial liability insurance policy after the policy has been processed. It is not something the agent intentionally did, but it is something that will affect your budget. Prior to agreeing to a policy, ask your agent to inquire about extra charges that may be added to avoid any nasty surprises when you get your first bill.


It is entirely possible that your commercial liability insurance could be a tax write-off that adds money to your bottom line. Before you start doing serious financial planning for your business, you should investigate the positive tax implications that could come with your choice of liability insurance coverage.

Know The Lingo

Purchasing commercial liability insurance is a little different than standard liability coverage, and that means that commercial coverage comes with some of its own lingo. If you want to be able to understand what your agent is talking about and know what to ask for, then you should spend some time learning how to speak the language of commercial liability insurance. Our professionals are more than happy to give you a quick tutorial on the language of commercial liability insurance so that you know exactly what we are talking about.

Look At Bundling Options

Just like with personal insurance, you can also get discounts for bundling your commercial insurance as well. In our job as business consultants, we use a variety of business insurance packages to meet the needs of our clients. When we see a chance to save a client money by bundling two or more types of commercial insurance together, then we do it.

Commercial liability insurance protects your business from a variety of unexpected problems that could cause you to close your doors for good. This important type of insurance is not something to take lightly, which means that you should spend a lot of time researching your options and talking to an experienced and professional agent.