Caring For Your Fleet Of Vehicles

Any construction client we work with that owns a fleet of vehicles has a tremendous responsibility. As a risk mitigation company, there is only so much we can do to protect against accidents and property damage, especially when the fleet vehicles are not properly cared for. Companies have to remember that they put a lot of wear and tear on their vehicles, and proper maintenance can extended the vehicle’s useful life, prevent property damage, and prevent injury.

Routine Maintenance

The construction companies that put the most into routine vehicle maintenance are the ones that have the lowest insurance rates and highest profitability. Each vehicle comes with routine maintenance instructions that should be followed to the letter. There needs to be a maintenance manager in charge of making sure that every vehicle is cared for on its own schedule, and a log that is updated regularly to show the progress for maintenance.

Immediate Repairs

When your personal car starts to make a strange sound that the mechanic tells you to not worry about for now, you feel like you can ignore it until it gets worse. The vehicles you use to run your construction company are exposed to significantly more wear and tear than your vehicle, and it is not a good idea to put off fleet vehicle repairs until something finally goes wrong. Your business vehicles need to be operating at peak efficiency to bring you a good return on your investment, and putting off repairs makes each vehicle subject to a breakdown at any point in time. When a vehicle needs to be repaired, it is important to take care of the repairs immediately.

Qualified Drivers

A good driver can save wear and tear on a fleet vehicle and make ownership of that vehicle less costly. Drivers that know how to follow given routes and drive within the confines of safe driving are going to save money on repairs, maintenance, tires, and fuel. When it comes to the big equipment, a qualified operator is going to prevent unnecessary repairs and make sure that a vehicle is always ready to make your company money. When you hire drivers, make sure you hire only the most qualified candidates who meet your list of strict requirements.

Proper Working Conditions

Your vehicle user manual will tell you exactly what types of conditions your vehicle is best suited to operate under. While every vehicle is designed to operate outside of the ideal parameters, it is a good idea to try and match up your equipment with the right conditions. If you do a lot of work in cold weather, then you should be buying vehicles that can handle the cold weather better.

A fleet of vehicles represents a tremendous investment on the part of any company. A risk management professional can help to protect against any kind of damage or incident, but your insurance premiums will rise if you do not do your part to keep your vehicles in good working order. The proper care of your fleet of vehicles will save your company money and keep your vehicles ready to generate revenue on a regular basis.