Your Source For Professional Power Plant Risk Management

Owning a power plant has become much more complicated and the demands on your business have changed considerably. The demand for power is growing around the country, and the methods used for generating power have all come under scrutiny. Environmental laws are causing power plants to re-evaluate their business plans and determine the best ways to handle the new risks that they face.

Putting Our Knowledge To Work For You

When it comes to assessing and addressing risk for power plants, it is important to work with a company that has a broad understanding of the local, state, and federal impacts of anything that happens at your plant. Is your plant running under the possibility of getting a fine from the EPA? Are there state emissions laws that your plant is not following? Does your management team work hard to maintain all local work safety laws?

Every day that your plant is operating, you are taking on a new set of risks. In a dynamic setting like that, it is important to have a partner who understands the local, state, and federal implications to your unique set of risks. Our professionals can work with you on making sure that your risk is reduced based on the guidelines and laws your plant operates under. We make sure that you are prepared to handle any situation that may arise from any administrative entity.

We Have The Expertise You Need

Alternative energy (solar, wind, and water generated power) are trending issues in the power industry, and we have the expertise necessary to help reduce your exposure to risk as you grow your alternative energy source. Whether you are supplying energy to a small town or major city, we know the dangers you face and we want to help you reduce the possibility of financial disaster.

When it comes to power plants that run on fossil fuels and nuclear energy, we are also experts in mitigating that risk as well. These are the oldest types of power generation facilities in the country, and they also face some of the toughest new environmental laws on the books. We know the risks, and we can use all of our expertise and the financial products at our disposal to protect your business.

We Protect Your Entire Power Plant Business

Our organization offers protection for your entire plant, your employees, and every aspect of your operation. From preparing to handle matters related to excess pollution to putting together comprehensive worker’s compensation plans that protect your employees, we know what it takes to keep your power plant running

Our risk experts will analyze your plant’s equipment, operations, and materials to come up with comprehensive forms of protection using a wide variety of insurance products. Our goal is to make sure that your operations are not affected by any incident that could result in financial loss.

The people in your immediate area rely on your power plant to keep the hospitals running, make the streets safe at night, and keep people warm in their homes during the winter. There is a tremendous amount of risk that is associated with running a power plant, and our business consultants know how to help prepare for that risk and deflect financial disaster. Give us a call and we will show you how we can keep your power plant running, even under the most challenging situations.