Winter Weather Truck Driving Tips

Trucking in serious winter weather conditions can be dangerous, however, skilled, professional truck drivers should be prepared to handle anything. When driving in poor weather conditions, such as wet or icy roads, attentiveness and good maneuvering are essential to remaining safe on the road. While there are many important aspects of trucking, safety is the number one priority of everyone in the industry. Knowing some winter weather truck driving tips can be invaluable to truckers who work throughout the year.

Inspect Your Vehicle
Before inclement weather even becomes an issue, you should prepare your truck for winter by checking on tire pressure, engine oil, and antifreeze levels. If you are not confident that you can correctly assess the status of your vehicle yourself, it is advised to have a professional mechanic do so for you.

Give Yourself More Space
Driving in wet or icy conditions is riskier to truck drivers because it increases stop time and unpredictability in drivers. In order to combat this, you should leave adequate space between your truck and the vehicle ahead of you to prepare for sudden stops or changes in speed.

Slow Down
While driving the speed limit may be legal, it is often too fast and dangerous for icy road conditions. When trucking in severe weather, take as much time as necessary. Do not hurry or try to make up time if you believe the road conditions have suddenly improved.

Watch For Black Ice
Black ice is a thin layer of transparent ice that often goes unnoticed on pavement. Black ice is a difficult to spot, yet highly dangerous road condition that you should always be on the lookout for when the temperature gets close to freezing.

Use Your Judgement
If weather conditions become increasingly severe, it is best to safely get off of the road until it passes. If you are nervous about driving in bad weather, use your best judgment. Stay parked and call your dispatch if that is what is required of you. Deliveries can be rescheduled, but unsafe driving mistakes cannot be undone.