Why Does Your Scrap Yard Need to be Insured?


As a practical business professional, you know that any type of business needs to be insured. But when it comes to insuring a scrap yard, there are some elements of risk that most people fail to see as obvious. We have years of experience in helping scrap yard owners to reduce their risk, and we are always ready to help a new scrap yard owner to understand what they need to do to operate each day with peace of mind.

The Basics

Every business needs commercial liability insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, revenue protection insurance, and a list of other insurance products that allow business to take place. With a scrap yard, it always pays to invest in extra liability and worker’s compensation insurance to protect against the unseen challenges that come with working in and owning a scrap yard. Sometimes an uninvited guest on your scrap yard property can turn into a risk nightmare if they are injured.

Environmental Control

Scrap yards have to keep a close eye on what they take it so they do not become a hazardous materials risk. Pollution and hazardous waste insurance are important products to scrap yards because of the unknown nature of some of the materials these businesses deal with. Over time, waste can also seep into the soil and that will create another potential hazard that has to be corrected. It is important that scrap yard owners review their environmental risk protection methods each year to prevent a financial disaster.


The common layout of a scrap yard and the difficult nature of employing comprehensive security measures make theft insurance mandatory. A scrap yard is a place where estimating the value of inventory can be difficult, especially for the unknown pieces that have been sitting for a while. But a good risk protection expert can help to put together theft insurance that will protect your scrap yard from the kinds of intrusions that would otherwise cost you a lot of money.

Specialized Insurance

If your scrap yard business gets involved in recycling, then you will need special insurance to protect your operations. There are several different types of specialized insurance a scrap yard will need to operate with reduced risk, and they all depend on the type of business operations being used. It can be fiscally dangerous to try and put a specialized operation under a generic form of liability insurance. The best solution is to talk to a risk expert and get the right kind of specialized insurance for all of your operations.

Owning a scrap yard can be a lucrative way to make a living, but you also face risks that most other businesses do not have worry about. If you want to protect your operations properly, then you need to call on the advice of a risk management expert who has experience in the scrap yard industry and who can offer you the type of coverage you need to protect your daily operations.