What You Need to Know About Restaurant Insurance

As a new or seasoned restaurant owner, your biggest priority is ensuring the safety and satisfaction of your customers. Despite the polished appearance restaurants are able to maintain in their dining rooms, they are often busy, chaotic places that are prone to expensive accidents. Some of the most common restaurant injuries for employees include burns, cuts, and eye injuries. Customers can also be at risk for food poisoning and tripping and falling within your building. Because there are many risks involved in this industry, today we are discussing the most important things you need to know about restaurant insurance coverage.

General Liability
General Liability is an umbrella policy that protects your restaurant against lawsuits and other financial liability in the event of an accident. If someone gets injured in your restaurant or becomes sick after eating there, it can become a legal and financial nightmare. In order to combat potential issues and maintain a positive reputation within your community, restaurant insurance is a must-have.

Employee Coverage
Workers compensation provides financial protection if one of your employees is hurt at work. Workers’ comp will cover medical and rehabilitation expenses as well as wage replacement for their time away from work. Most states require employers to carry some form of workers’ comp insurance, which can be deducted from their federal taxes.

Property Insurance
Property insurance provides protection for your establishment against certain occurrences such as fire and vandalism, however, it may not protect against severe weather such as floods or earthquakes. Additional coverage would be required to do so. You can also invest in property insurance that protects the valuables inside of your restaurant such as appliances, furniture, and tableware.

As a restaurant owner, you do not have time to evaluate all of the risks your business faces. You could put your business’ risk assessment needs into the hands of an inexperienced organization, or you could get our professional consultants involved and get the best possible service at prices you can afford. Talk to a TCE Representative to discuss your ongoing needs and we will make sure all of your coverages are in place.