What We Do To Help Your Company

We are a full-service risk mitigation organization that utilizes professional business consultants to help our clients succeed. It is a lot of big talk, but what does it mean? How does an organization like ours help to protect a contracting organization like yours? We could give you all sorts of generalities and then hope that you can fill in the blanks, but that is not what a full-service organization would do. We have customized solutions for all of our customers, but there are a few standard things we do with each client that helps to defend their bottom lines.

Your Subcontractor Approval Procedures

With every company we work with, we see subcontractor approval procedures that open up our clients to risk. One of the most important services we offer is helping to draft a comprehensive set of subcontractor approval procedures.

Each of our customers has different requirements for their subcontractors, but we find that many of the basics of good vetting policies are left out. We analyze your subcontractor approval process and make suggestions that will significantly reduce your company’s exposure to risk.

Your Safety Procedures

One of a contractor’s most comprehensive policies should be their safety procedures, but we find that many of our clients lack the basic policies necessary to protect themselves and their workers. It is important to note that our business consultants are just as interested in the well-being of your workers as we are in protecting your company. When we review your safety procedures, we make sure that you are taking all of the necessary steps to reduce risk and create a safe working environment.

Your Compliance Procedures

Do you have enough worker’s compensation insurance? Are you submitting bid bonds with the proper limits for each project? Are you going into each project with the specified amount of liability insurance, as outlined by state and federal laws and the bid guidelines?

Some of the most significant areas of risk for a contractor come in their compliance procedures. If it turns out that you are not meeting the liability requirements for each project, then that can cause a cascade of financial problems that could destroy your business. Our consultants review all of your compliance procedures to make sure that your company is doing what it needs for every project.

Your Job Checklists

Our business experts take care of a lot of details that you would never expect. For example, we review all of your job checklists to make sure that they are comprehensive enough and protect your company properly. If your checklists are deficient, then we will make recommendations on how to fix them. Risk can occur at any point in your project, and a strong project checklist will make sure that you are able to address those risks if they should occur.

We are more than just an insurance company. We are a professional risk mitigation organization that works by your side to make sure that your company is always protected from any potential financial dangers. We will put together products that offer your company the coverage it needs to operate on a daily basis, and we will also attend to the details that can present hidden risks for your company and your workers.