What Makes A Reliable Truck Driver

Commercial truck driving requires much more than experience driving a car. Truckers must uphold a certain standard of work ethic in order to accomplish the goals of their employers and clients. Companies who employ truck drivers should always take proper steps to vet potential employees to ensure that they have the right set of skills for the job. If your company is looking to hire truckers, consider the following qualities of reliable truck drivers:

1. Training
There is no traditional schooling required to become a truck driver, however there are many professional training classes that teach the necessary skills required in the industry. Truck drivers are required to hold a valid Commercial Driver’s License in addition to their basic driver’s license. There are different CDL classes depending on which commercial vehicle your driver will operate­.

2. Mechanical Skills
In addition to being a satisfactory driver, truckers are also responsible for knowing the ins and outs of how their vehicles operate. Good truckers can diagnose issues and perform necessary repairs and maintenance if necessary to meet compliance and other safety standards. If a truck driver can’t even change a tire or light bulb, they may not be the most reliable option in the long-run.

3. Self-Motivation
Reliable truck drivers must have a good sense of self-motivation to ensure the quality and timeliness of their trucking service. They must encourage themselves to follow the requirements for safety and customer satisfaction during long trips on the road. Great truckers must have the ability to maintain standards, even when no one is watching.

4. Alertness
In order to ensure the safety of everyone on the road, truck drivers need to be incredibly conscious of everything happening around them. They must be fully focused on the road, free from any distractions, so they can identify an issue the moment they notice it. Great truckers always keep their attention focused and are able to multitask to meet the demands of the industry.

5. Physical Endurance
Although truck drivers remain seated for a large duration of their day, they still require good physical stamina in order to endure long hours and work weeks. In most cases, truck drivers work alone for many hours at a time, and they must remain completely vigilant while on the road. Also, some trucking positions may require physical strength in order to load and unload their freight in between transports.