What Do General Contractors Worry About?


Being a general contractor carries a tremendous responsibility to clients, workers, and the public at large. Not only does a general contractor have to worry about its own workers and operations, but it also has to worry about all of its subcontractors as well. If a subcontractor violates a major law during a project, then the general contractor is held responsible as well. In order to protect general contractors, we have to know exactly what their biggest concerns are every day. Our business professionals work hard to make sure that our general contractor clients can go about their business with peace of mind.

Protecting Company and Client Property

If a general contractor did not carry liability insurance, then it would be responsible for paying for every piece of equipment that broke down and every piece of client property that is damaged. For example, if a general contractor vehicle mistakenly runs over a client fence, then the general contractor has to replace that fence. Those costs can add up, and that is why it is critically important for a general contractor to carry the right amount of business liability insurance at all times.

Project Planning

One of the most critical parts of any project for a general contractor is project planning. This is the stage where the utilities are contacted, supplies are purchased, equipment is rented, and labor is hired. If you rent the wrong equipment or hire too much labor, that is going to cost a lot of money. There are protections our experts can put in place to protect against environmental issues or issues with utilities that would otherwise cost our clients a lot of money to fix on their own.

Labor Issues

Labor issues can cost any general contractor a lot of money if they are not handled properly. Everything from worker theft to work stoppages can wind up costing much more than expected. In some cases, work stoppages can cause a general contractor to go past the project deadline and that triggers a whole new set of expensive charges. We protect our general contractor clients with products that can offset the expenses that come from labor problems.

Permits and Ordinances

Most general contractors have comprehensive processes in place for making sure that the proper types of permits are secured before any project begins. But if there are permits missing and work starts, then the fines can add up. Not only that, but the time lost while waiting for the right permits to be secured can be costly as well. We can put protections in place that will allow you to avoid financial disaster if you fail to get the right permits, and we can also protect you from the fines that can come from unknowingly violating local zoning or construction ordinances.

The reason general contractors get into the business of construction is that it can be a very rewarding and lucrative field. But when things start to go wrong, the financial problems your business could face will take all of the fun out of being a general contractor. Our professionals are ready to get you the protection you need to make sure that your general contracting business can operate without worrying about that one mistake that could put you out of business.