Utility Contractors Need The Right Kind Of Risk Protection

When it comes to protecting utility contractors, it takes more than just general insurance information and a product pamphlet. When we take on the task of mitigating risk for utility contractors, we utilize our experienced business professionals who have worked a number of years in the utility industry. We know how to handle the risk that utility contractors face, and we have the solutions that will protect contractors and their employees.

Working In A Variety Of Conditions

Utility contractors work above ground, underground, overhead, on the water and under the water. When utility equipment is installed, it is installed wherever it is needed to deliver service to customers. When that equipment needs to be repaired or replaced, utility contractors need to go to where the problem is located. When a company takes those kinds of risks in the pursuit of getting the job done, it needs the right kind of insurance protection to help prevent financial disaster.

Consulting Our Customers On Safety

A significant part of the service we offer to our utility customers involves helping them to avoid accidents in the first place. Falls from high places are one of the most common types of accidents our utility contractor customers experience, and we offer information and advice on how to prevent those falls from happening.

Our professionals can help to set up crisis management planning courses, and we also have programs that are designed to create safe work zones for all workers. We can help with worker safety training, and we also have experts who make regular safety evaluations for all of our utility contractors.

Loss Protection

The potential for an accident that results in some kind of limited or mass loss of data or electricity for consumers is large in the utility contracting business. We have programs that will protect your company from the damages associated with data loss if you were to strike a utility line by accident. We can also help to protect you from loses associated with railroad lines, and damages to underground property. The risks you assume as a utility contractor are significant, and you need our team of experts to help protect you from those sudden losses.

The Right Coverage

Utility contractors carry liability and worker’s compensation insurance like any other company, but the coverage limits they need depend on the work they do. We will analyze your business and set you up with coverage for all of your basic insurance needs that does not force you to pay unnecessarily inflated bills. We will also review your insurance needs on a regular basis, and make any changes necessary to accommodate your business.

When it comes to mitigating risk for a utility contractor, it takes the expertise of a team of business consultants who know the industry inside and out. We have those experts, and they have years of experience in putting together plans that will protect your business from risk, and help you to stay in business in the face of any challenge.