Tips for Home Builders to Prevent Theft

After working hours, empty job sites may become subject to thieves looking for expensive equipment or materials. If you build homes for a living, keep reading for easy ways to prevent theft on your construction site.  

Deploy Adequate Lighting

Dark unattended construction sites are attractive targets for criminals. There are many exterior lighting solutions available to secure your site, including motion detectors, LEDs, and luminaires. 

Lock Up Equipment & Material

If equipment or materials must be left behind during the course of a job, make sure they are locked up in a metal shed overnight. Use a weather-durable, high-quality lock that will sufficiently prevent theft or damage. 

If needed, install fencing around the entirety of your construction site to deter criminals interested in an easy score.

Invest In Security Systems

Building a home in a densely populated area may call for additional safety measures, such as installing security cameras/systems to monitor activity. It is impossible to keep a dutiful watch with one pair of eyes, so enlisting help can be significantly effective. 

Position the camera(s) in a way that provides a clear view of the site, without any blind spots. There are many surveillance options available to accommodate the varying stages of construction sites, including electric, wireless, and solar.  

Hold Employees Accountable

It is extremely important to be able to trust your employees or subcontractors to get the job done. Regularly check in on your site in person to establish rapport and ensure compliance. 

Implement checks and systems that closely track the employees, equipment, and materials assigned to each job site. If you cannot be there yourself as a boss, assign an experienced project manager to oversee the crew. 

Get Insured

Our risk assessment experts enjoy working side by side with builders to find new ways to protect their businesses. Our experts will visit your sites and make sure that all of your risks are properly cataloged and taken care of. 
Contact us and we will show you exactly what we can do to make sure that your business is protected and that you can build the future with confidence and peace of mind.