The Risks Associated With Wind Farms

When the conditions are right, corporations are taking advantage of their windy locations to keep their energy costs down. As a construction contractor who builds wind farms, you have to be conscious of the risks involved and know how to protect your business and employees. We are experts in protecting wind farm contractors, and we can help to identify the primary risks associated with having a wind farm installed.

Construction Risks

Since wind farms are installed in areas where the winds can reach high speeds, the process of construction carries great risks. When the propeller blades are on site, they immediately represent a risk. They could catch a strong gust and be blown over, causing property damage and injuries. Blades must be properly secured on site, and the site supervisor must understand all of the safety rules associated with construction in high winds.

Perhaps the most significant moment of risk during construction of a wind farm is making the power lines live after they have been connected to the turbines. If any part of that process is not done properly, there could be significant injury and possibly death.

Transmission Issues

We offer insurance to protect our contractors from issues that can arise when it comes to transmission issues with wind farms. The power lines that carry power from a wind farm must be properly secured or else they could become detached during high winds and create a serious hazard. Whether a wind farm is being used by a single corporation or transmits power to a large group of customers, the transmission process must be secured to prevent problems. Our experts can help to mitigate this risk with the proper kind of financial protection for your business.

Operational Risks

When nature helps to generate the power we use, there are inherent risks that come with that system. Trying to harness the power of the wind can be extremely dangerous, and ongoing operational processes can create a variety of hazards.

In this instance, we would offer risk protection to those who are operating the wind farm and their employees. Overloaded systems and turbine damage are two common hazards associated with operating a wind farm that could result in financial devastation. We can help to offset that risk and allow you to operate your wind farm with peace of mind.

Environmental Issues

Every wind farm, for one reason or another, will have to deal with environmental issues of some kind. There is also the constant threat that environmental activist groups will be successful at shutting a wind farm down. Any company that builds or operates wind farms needs to be protected from all of the environmental problems and business challenges that come with wind farms.

Wind farms, when placed in the right settings, can replace power plants that belch hazardous smoke into the skies. But as with anything else, there are risks involved with building and operating wind farms. If your business is involved with wind farms, then you should talk to one of our business experts about the protection you will need to prevent financial disaster.