The Business Of Construction

As risk management experts for construction companies, we worry about more than just what is going on at the job site. The business of construction is complicated, and your company can run into serious financial trouble if you do not protect against the risks of doing business. While the liability insurance needs of construction are significant, you also have to put some thought into protecting your overall business as well.


If you are a sole owner of your construction company or have partners, then you need a succession plan to make sure that your company continues on after you and your partners have passed on. A succession plan includes life insurance made payable to the company to keep operations going after you or your partner has passed away. A succession plan also outlines how the company is to be run when you or your partner retire, become disabled, or pass away. A good succession plan means that the transition after you or your partners leave the company for whatever reason is smooth.

Key Employees

In most parts of the country, the construction industry is a close-knit community where every one knows every one else. When a key employee leaves your company to go to a competitor, then that news can travel fast. We can put together coverage that will allow you to sustain your revenue while you replace that key employee. Risk management can protect against the possibility that customers may not want you to bid or work on their jobs because you lost key employees.

Losing key employees happens all of the time in the construction business, but it does not need to be a major financial burden on your company. You need to think ahead and take the steps to protect against the damage that is done when key employees move on in their careers.

General Business Insurance

The computers in your home office are just as important to your company as the big trucks in the field, and that is why we always recommend general business insurance to our clients. With general business insurance, we can make sure that you have the funds you need to replace key assets and move the company to a temporary location if a natural disaster strikes your home office.

We always recommend general business insurance to any of our clients because of the significant coverage it offers. But in the construction industry where time is money, general business insurance can make sure that the company can weather any storm and get past any problem.

Claims Handling

The last thing you need is to invest in office personnel simply to review and process insurance claims. We protect you from those extra costs by being your comprehensive risk management provider and handling those claims for you.

A construction company is a business that has the same needs as any other kind of organization. As part of our comprehensive risk management services, we look deep into your daily operations and help you put together plans that cover all kinds of risk. Your home office may not experience the same liability threats as the workers in the field, but if you don’t take care of the business side of construction then the results could be just as devastating as a job site accident.