Surveillance Cameras And Your Jobsite

Every construction company owner knows that surveillance cameras are excellent ways to deter crime, and to help police identify and catch criminals. It would seem obvious that construction companies would install surveillance cameras at every job site to protect equipment and discourage vandalism, but there has always been basic issues preventing construction companies from installing cameras on-site.

New construction sites lack the continuous power needed to run surveillance cameras, and they lack the Internet service needed to monitor cameras and store camera images. But as technology advances, so do the surveillance cameras. Today, construction company owners can install fully functioning surveillance cameras that will protect their jobsite and help monitor the job progress as well.

New Camera Technology

There are secure surveillance cameras available that run on solar power and connect to the Internet through 3G and 4G cellular networks. Project managers can also connect these cameras to secure cloud connections to securely store images and retrieve those images whenever they want.

These cameras can be installed by project managers, and they offer such features and real-time streaming to help monitor projects better. Time-lapsed video can help project managers to break down a video segment easily, and these cameras are surprisingly affordable.

Monitoring Projects

Another benefit to using the new video surveillance technology is that it allows project managers to be everywhere on a jobsite at once. Project managers can look for instances of employee theft, see employees who are not following company safety rules, and monitor employee activity in very dangerous areas of the jobsite.

Project managers can also help keep down worker’s compensation costs by having video evidence regarding an employee accident. The project manager will be able to tell right away whether or not an injury claim is legitimate, and also be able to tell who instigated the incident that lead to an employee injury. Project managers can not only reduce and monitor risk with these cameras, but they can also keep a close eye on employee production and remove employees that are not doing their jobs.

Impressing The Job Owner

Managing risk not only saves your company money, but it also shows project owners that you run a professional organization. One of the most important pieces of advice we give clients is to make sure that they are very open to project owners about how risk is handled at every step of the project. Job owners know that a company that takes risk seriously will get the job done on or ahead of schedule, and will not bring any bad publicity to the project.

When a job owner sees your company setting up state-of-the-art surveillance cameras, they are going to be impressed. It may not seem significant to you at first, but when your company takes those extra measures to secure a site, it is something job owners remember when they put out another project for bid.

Video surveillance on a jobsite used to cost a lot of money, which is why construction companies avoided it. But with the technology advancing and the costs dropping for cameras that can be used on even the newest jobsites, it is now possible for project managers to reduce risk and increase safety on a project by installing surveillance cameras that really work.