Specialty Insurance Company

Specialty insurance is something that can be difficult for some insurance companies to get right. The biggest problem is that some companies try to apply the same specialty policy to a variety of situations and that is just a recipe for disaster. For example, each hospitality organization needs its own custom coverage to offer comprehensive protection. Our approach to specialty insurance is much different than the way that other companies operate.

Our specialty insurance includes:

  • Live concerts
  • Live performance venues
  • Hospitality businesses
  • Restaurants
  • Bars and clubs
  • Refining/Storage/ Processing Operations
  • Sports lounges

In order to assess the risk you are assuming, we need to dig deep into your situation. We need to see your live theater setting, or where you are planning on holding your outdoor concert. We want to check out your hospitality business and we need to have a first-hand accounting of your restaurant. We do not solve your risk assessment issues over the phone, because that is not the kind of solution you need. We create custom solutions using our expertise and our broad network of insurance carriers.

If you are a concert promoter in need of a reliable risk assessment partner, then give us a call. There is a dynamic element to specialty insurance that requires a hands-on approach, and we have the experience necessary to offer that kind of service. Whether you own one restaurant or a chain of them, we can evaluate your risk and get you the kind of protection that you need.

It takes an experienced professional to be able to look at a specialty insurance situation and evaluate the risks in a comprehensive manner. We are a company of experienced risk assessment professionals and insurance experts who want to put our resources to work for you.

When you work with TCE Insurance, you are working with a group that designs programs specifically for YOU the insured.

Never leave your specialty events and insurance needs to chance. Call us today and let us create a comprehensive risk assessment of your situation and then use our resources to meet your specialty insurance needs.