Workers Compensation

In New York State, it is mandatory for every employer to carry workers compensation insurance to cover employees who get injured on the job. But how much insurance do you need? The business professionals at TCE Insurance know that it can be a financial mistake to pay too much for workers compensation insurance, but it can become a legal disaster if you don’t pay enough. We are here to help you make sure that you have enough coverage to protect your employees, but not more coverage than you need.

Do you own a construction company? If so, then you probably deal with a wide variety of conditions and materials that makes each jobsite different. At TCE Insurance, we understand how complex the workers compensation situation can be for contractors, and we have the experience necessary to create a New York workers compensation program that is perfect for your organization. We will review your New York workers compensation program on a regular basis with you and make any changes necessary.

The laws and regulations surround New York workers compensation can be confusing, even for the most experienced business professional. Our experts know the New York laws, and we are ready to answer your questions and put together a plan that keeps your company in compliance with all New York State workers compensation regulations.

It is critically important that employers in the state of New York have workers compensation insurance to cover their workers. But not all New York workers compensation plans are created equal and the experts at TCE Insurance can analyze your situation and put together a plan that fits your business.

You should never pay for too much workers compensation insurance, but you always need to have just enough to keep your workers covered. Call TCE Insurance today and talk to one of our professionals about the right amount of insurance for your company.