Wind Farms

The energy industry is extremely dynamic, but few fields are more dynamic than wind energy.

While some parts of the world have been utilizing wind farms for many years, the idea of creating a farm of mills to harness the wind was something that was first introduced in the United States in the late 1980’s. Since that time, our risk and insurance experts have become the foremost authorities on wind farm risk assessment and protection.

The primary risk challenges that face the wind farm industry are construction issues and government regulations. The government is consistently influenced by the environmental concerns of citizen groups and that can create a series of issues for any wind farm organization.

We have spent the last few decades developing comprehensive experience in:

  • Insuring wind farm construction projects.
  • Operational risk assessment and insurance.
  • Protecting power transit methods from the wind farms to consumers.

After several decades in the wind farm industry, we understand the concerns that wind farm organizations have. It is difficult to maintain that delicate balance between what the public needs and the risk challenges that occur on a daily basis. Our experts have the resources and experience necessary to assess your risk and create comprehensive programs to protect your operations.

We also understand that wind farms are becoming extremely popular in the commercial and industrial worlds. We offer comprehensive risk and insurance programs for:

  • Industrial and commercial wind farms
  • Onshore utility wind farms
  • Offshore utility wind farms

Each type of wind farm carries its own special set of challenges. Our experts will be the advocates you need to protect your interests and preserve your business needs. We will be the people who help you understand the policy changes that can affect your business. We will get into contract discussions with all of your vendors to make sure that your wind farm is not exposed to any kind of potential loss situation.

When you run a wind farm organization, you need an energy risk and insurance company that understands the constantly changing face of alternative energy supply. We are experts in wind farm risk assessment and we will do whatever it takes to protect your interests and allow your wind farm organization to move forward.