People who love the water find a great escape in owning a boat. It doesn’t matter if you own a rowboat or a yacht. All that matters is that you are able to let your problems roll away with the tides as you spend countless hours on the water. If you want to relax with total peace of mind, then you need to contact us for complete marine and watercraft insurance coverage.

There are many challenges to consider when it comes to owning a boat. Some of the issues boaters have to deal with include:

  • Marine towing for incidents on the water
  • Roadside assistance when towing a boat
  • Replacement costs when a boat is damaged
  • Repair costs for a boat that was improperly stored during the winter months

Our marine and watercraft insurance is extremely comprehensive. We will help you to cover:

  • Fishing boats
  • Jet skis
  • Sailboats
  • House boats
  • and many more!

Life on the water comes with a unique set of risks and challenges. Our sea-faring insurance experts can sit down with you and review all of the potential risks that you face and show you the coverage options you have. We have a wide network of insurance carriers who share our passion for marine and watercraft insurance. When you put your marine insurance needs in our hands, you are trusting people who are just as passionate about the water as you are.

We can put together liability coverage that will make sure that your boat is repaired completely if anything should ever happen. We can also create a program that helps to cover the property damage costs associated with any accident situation you may find yourself in. We know that things happen on the water, just as they do on the roads. That is why we have the most comprehensive marine and watercraft liability offerings in the industry.

Before you set out to sea, let us evaluate your risks and make sure that you are completely covered. Our professionals will give you an honest assessment of your needs and offer you programs that will meet your financial needs. Let us show you the benefits of getting your marine and watercraft insurance from a company that knows the seas and is passionate about keeping you safe on the water.