Utility Contractor Insurance

Utility Contractor Insurance

Working with utility contractors can be a challenge, especially if you are in an area where the utility’s services have not been examined in years.

Most utilities do their best to keep track of all of their underground lines and pipes, but it can be a challenge for larger utilities to keep a close eye on everything.

As your New York Utility Contractor Insurance advisor, we are experts in working with utility contractors and putting together the kinds of programs that protect your interests. Some of the more immediate issues of working with a utility company include:

  • New York Labor Law Coverage
  • Local Utility Insurance Compliance Issues
  • Risk Transfer
  • Job Site and Fleet Safety

If you have to spend time negotiating insurance requirements with a utility company to execute awarded contracts, then that is less time you are spending satisfying your other contract obligations. One of the big areas of concern for utility contractors is liability insurance. We have years of experience in creating the kinds of liability insurance packages that satisfy the requirements of all utility companies.

We deal with a variety of utility contractors, which include:

  • Telephone Line Construction
  • Electric
  • Sewer Lines
  • Water Services
  • Cable Television Line Installation and Maintenance
  • Gas Main Installation and Maintenance

If there is one thing we have learned in our years working with utility contractors, it is the tremendous amount of dangers that a utility contractor faces every day. We are experts in protecting your company, your employees, and your equipment from the dangers of working in the world of utility construction.

We will be your full service risk assessment and insurance carrier company. We will get involved in all of your insurance compliance issues and make sure that your company is fully protected. We understand the liability concerns for these kinds of projects and we have the programs necessary to keep you and your utility contracts in compliance.

Contact us today for a full comprehensive review of your current insurance programs, terms, conditions and limits.