Sports Lounge/Bar

Sports Lounge and Bar Insurance

The concept behind starting a sports lounge sounds like its own version of heaven. You want to create a place where people can watch sports, enjoy good food, drink quality beverages, and maybe even met an athlete or two from time to time. But there is risk in everything and there is significant risk involved in opening a sports bar. To keep the heavenly dream alive, you need to bring in professionals to assess that risk and get it out of your equation.

Sports lounge risks include, but are not limited to:

  • Drunk patrons
  • Property damage
  • Injuries
  • Health department inspections

Instead of being discouraged with your sports lounge business, you need to bring us in as your risk assessment partner and let us get you back to making your facility fun again. When people go to a sports lounge, they want to have a good time. When that good time gets out of hand, that is when you are exposed to significant risk. What are you responsible for and what is out of your hands? Our risk assessment experts can give you those answers for each, individual situation.

We have business consultants who are intimately experienced in running a sports lounge. Our experts have resources and experience that you need to put to work for your business on a daily basis. We want to see your entire operation and we want to see your lounge when it is filled with patrons. We will observe every potential risk and then create a catalog of those risks that we can review with you.

Our network of insurance carriers gives up options that other business consultants do not have. When we review your risks, we will be able to put together a custom solution that fits your business. We will also do regular reviews of your business and reassess all of your risks to make sure that the coverage you have is adequate.

Your dream was to open a sports lounge and share your love of sports with the people in your area. We will help you keep the dream alive by protecting your sports lounge business from the risks inherent in that kind of establishment. We will be your risk assessment partners, and we will share in the passion that comes with your dream.