Scrap Metal

Scrap Metal Recycling Insurance

How closely do you watch the prices of scrap metal on a daily basis? If you are constantly evaluating the value of scrap metal, then you are probably the owner of a scrap metal recycling company. Your business is based on taking in bulk materials and then selling them for a price that fluctuates up and down. The dynamic nature of the source of revenue in the scrap metal business is just one risk that company owners take each day they do business.

Our business experts are well aware of the challenges that go along with being in the scrap metal industry. We know that scrap metal companies face challenges such as:

  • Fluctuating revenue
  • Employee safety
  • Equipment repair and replacement
  • Environmental laws and regulations

Perhaps one of the most daunting challenges a scrap metal company faces is following environmental regulations. This risk arises from the fact that, in some cases, a scrap metal company is not certain what is in a load of material that it is taking in. When the separation process begins, that is when hazardous materials are detected and the problems begin.

When we are your risk assessment and insurance partner, you will be able to handle those surprises head on and take care of business. We understand that a scrap metal company cannot deflect all of the risk that it faces in the course of doing business. But we can do is identify all potential sources of risk and then put together insurance protection packages that allow your company to keep running, even if you get hit with an environmental issue.

Our business consultants are experts in a wide variety of insurance types. We can use our network of liability carriers to protect your company’s assets in a variety of situations. We can also create a health and disability insurance program that protects your employees if they get injured. All of this results in the peace of mind you need to meet challenges and grow your business.

We assess risk and then put together programs to handle that risk. Your scrap metal company deals with a high level of risk every business day. Let us show you how we can reduce your exposure to risk and make your business the model of financial efficiency you want it to be.