Power Plants

Power Plant Insurance New York

The focus on power plants and energy generation has intensified over the past several years, thanks primarily to government funding in energy research.

One of the biggest areas of concerns for power plants is staying in line with the environmental standards that seem to change on an annual basis. The increase in environmental demands has created challenges for power plants that require specialized attention to risk and insurance services.

As experts in the energy risk and insurance field, we have the background necessary to guide your power plant organization through these troubled times.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • An understanding of the regulatory changes and how they affect your plant.
  • The financial considerations that go into running a power plant.
  • The technology involved in operating a plant and the dynamic nature of that technology.
  • The geographic elements that go into supplying your customers with the power they need.

Our strength comes from our ability to feel comfortable discussing global power issues in a regional context. We understand that the risk challenges can vary from one geographic region to another, and that is why we take the time to become experts in the various issues that are found in your area.

The ability to maintain a global focus with a regional understanding allows us to provide peer benchmarks that are useful to your specific plant, maintain a strong grip on the claims needs for your plant in your specific area, and help you to develop the new energy products that will allow you to innovate and lead the way towards a better future.

Our expertise includes:

  • Fossil fuels
  • Renewable energy
  • Nuclear power
  • Sustainable alternative energy

Our trained professionals can offer you comprehensive risk management services throughout the complete life of your plant. We understand the importance of overall risk management, as well as the need to sustain control over individual projects as well. Our approach to energy risk management is just as innovative as your approach to supplying energy.

You need a dynamic risk management partner to help you sustain your power plant’s profitability, and we have the resources to be that partner. Let us show you how valuable a good energy risk assessment company can be when it comes to moving your power plant into the future.