Hospitality Insurance New York

It is not easy to run a live performance venue. In order to keep your venue operating, you need to bring in the kind of entertainment that people in your area want to see. Sometimes that means putting your venue and possibly your patrons at risk. Your job is to make sure that each performance is safe for your venue and your audience, while allowing the artist to give the people what they want. There is a tremendous amount of risk in running a live performance venue and we have experience in dealing with all of that risk.

When it comes to the proper kinds of insurance coverage for your venue, you need to consider:

  • Property damage
  • Fire
  • Smoke
  • Water
  • Personal injury for performers, stage hands, and audience members

One of the most important aspects of having a good risk assessment and insurance partner is to have an open line of communication to discuss future events. You never know what kind of risk your venue will have to assume to allow the performances that will make your venue money. But when your risk assessment and insurance partner stays in touch with you constantly and works with you to review upcoming insurance needs, then you are able to protect your venue’s finances.

We have expert business consultants who have experience in the dynamic world of venue management. We will be there when you update your performance schedule to make sure that your insurance coverage is where you need it to be. If we see an area where your venue is exposed, then we solve that problem by using the resources of our broad network of insurance carriers.

There are many different angles to consider when insuring a live performance venue. Some of the more important angles include:

  • The number of performances
  • The number of performances
  • The venue capacity
  • The types of concessions being sold

When we evaluate your live performance venue, we look at every possible risk that you will be asked to take. We will lay out your potential risks for you and then tell you how we intend to minimize those risks so that you can get back to the business of entertaining your audiences. We make sure that your live performance venue has the kind of protection it needs to make your audience, performers, and staff safe during every performance.