General Contractor Insurance

General Contractor Insurance New York, GC Insurance NY

The plate of a general contractor is always full.

As a general contractor, you have a tremendous amount of responsibility and you open your company up to tremendous risk every day.

Some of the more pressing issues are:

  • Staying in contact with the job owner.
  • Coordinating subcontractors.
  • Making sure that every part of the project is in compliance with all laws.
  • Making sure the project finishes on time and under budget.

Aside from financial profit, the rewards of being a general contractor can last your entire life. When you drive around a city you have worked in, you can point out buildings and structures that your company built and watch people utilize those buildings as part of their lives. It can be a powerful moment when you see your hard work benefit others.

As a risk and insurance company, we know just how exposed your general contracting business is to financial damage.

Your most immediate concerns are:

  • Property damage for you and the job owner.
  • Working with utilities to meet all of their guidelines.
  • Financial losses due to work stoppages.
  • Potential fines for procedures that violate local, state, or federal laws.

We have a significant amount of experience in calculating your risk and developing programs designed to protect your company. Our insurance experts will work with you to develop liability and disability programs that will protect your equipment and your employees.

We work extremely hard to identify all of the areas where your general contracting firm could be exposed to risk, and then we put together ways to reduce that risk.

Call our office today and we will get right to work making sure that your company’s exposure to financial loss is reduced.

We will put together programs that will allow you to bid for the largest projects and feel confident that your company is in a position to handle risk and make a profit. We will help make your general contracting firm more efficient, and give you the tools you need to build the future.