Environmental Insurance New York

As experienced and professional business consultants, we have tremendous respect for the companies that work behind the scenes and take care of the tasks that most people take for granted. The recycling and environmental industries are extremely important to the health and survival of our society. We respect that importance and that is why we work so hard to reduce the kind of risk that companies in the recycling and environmental industries face.

Our network of insurance providers allows us to offer insurance protection such as:

  • Contractors Pollution Liability
  • Site Specific Environmental Impairment Liability
  • Transportation coverage
  • Product Pollution
  • Remediation Stop-Loss
  • Underground and Aboveground Storage Tanks
  • Environmental Impairment Liability
  • Premise Pollution Liability

By themselves, these tools are not going to do a lot for your recycling or environmental company. You need a team of experts in risk assessment and insurance to put together programs that will offer value to your particular company. We understand that every environmental organization is different, which is why all of our solutions are customized to fit each of our important clients.

One of the challenges that environmental and recycling companies face is the need to expand their operations to take on more business. When a recycling or environmental company announces it is expanding, there is usually resistance from several different groups. We will stand by your side and evaluate the risks you are facing and put together financial protection plans that will allow your business to move forward.

Recycling and environmental organizations are the kinds of companies that are not appreciated until they are needed. As professional business consultants, we appreciate the hard work that your company does and the critical services you provide. We want to get to know your organization and understand your risks. We want to catalog all of your risks and then create a program that will protect your company from financial disaster.

If you are not comfortable with the level of risk protection you currently have, then call us right away. We do not take anything for granted and we do not use the cookie-cutter approach to solving your risk assessment issues. Each one of our solutions is customized to fit your recycling or environmental company perfectly. Let our experts show you what it means to truly protect your life’s work from the daily challenges that you face.