Ambulette Insurance New York

People see ambulette services all of the time, they just have no idea what they are called.

When you run an ambulette service, you have an important job that many people tend to take for granted. If it were not for the work you do, people who could not normally get around would be stuck in their homes. Your company gives people freedom and the ability to live their lives, but there is a lot of risk involved.

When you run an ambulette company, you have to concern yourself with challenges such as:

  • Loss exposure
  • Customer safety
  • Customer comfort
  • Customer service

The conduct of your drivers is as important as the functionality of your vehicles. That is why you must protect every aspect of your business if you want to be able to grow and survive. You need an experienced risk assessment and insurance company to be the partner that keeps your company protected and allows you to retain your customer base.

While a lot of people tend to take ambulette services for granted, we have a tremendous respect for the work you do and the size of your industry. Your company operates specialized equipment and is responsible for the lives of customers who trust you implicitly. It is a responsibility that you take very seriously, and we take it very seriously as well.

We will evaluate your business in great detail and develop risk assessment reports. Once we have identified your areas of risk, we use our comprehensive network of insurance providers to create plans that will cover your business in full. We deal in disability, liability, loss of income, and comprehensive business insurance for companies just like yours. Our solutions are customized to fit your business and we are there for the long-haul to adjust and change those programs to fit your growing company’s needs.

As the owner of an ambulette service, you are all too aware of the importance of taking care of details.

We will be your risk assessment partner and allow you to go out and perform your job with confidence. Let us show you how our experienced business consultants can help your team of experienced professionals provide the kind of care that your company has become known for throughout the area.