Protect Your Business With Construction Insurance

If you own a construction business, then you are already aware of how important it is to track your costs and save money. What would you do if one of your big machines was damaged on a job site? You would probably rent a replacement, right? Did you figure rental costs into the job when you bid it? If you own some of your own equipment, then you usually do not figure in rental costs and having machinery go down can cost you a lot of money.

As business experts, we understand the importance of remaining profitable and being prepared at all times. That is why we encourage all contractors to contact us regarding a custom construction insurance package that will protect your business, and allow you to keep projects profitable, even when you are facing a variety of challenges.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Protecting your construction business means protecting your employees if they ever get injured. Worker’s compensation insurance not only helps your workers to recover from injuries, but it also protects you if there is an accident. With worker’s compensation insurance, it can never be said that your construction company did not properly provide for the needs of your workers. In many states, it is a legal obligation to carry worker’s compensation insurance and we can help you fulfill that obligation.

Automobile Insurance

All automobile insurance is not created equal, and that is especially true when it comes to protecting your construction company. We will review your current auto insurance coverage and make changes to your liability coverage and make sure you have the proper riders to protect your business. The wrong time to find out that you had insufficient automobile coverage is if one of your critical vehicles is damaged. You need to take care of those issues now and get your auto coverage in place.

Liability Insurance

If your construction company does not have the right kinds of liability insurance and the right amount of coverage, then one work site accident could put you out of business. Our risk assessment experts will review your business model and put together a plan that will cover you for any possible obstacle.

We will create insurance that will protect you from property damage, lawsuits, negligence on the part of your employees and any other challenge your business faces when it works on a job. Do not leave anything to chance when it comes to your construction business; have our experts review your liability needs today.

Business Insurance

How will you pay your employees if your job gets shut down temporarily and the checks stop coming in from the job owner? Business insurance will pay you for lost income and protect your business in the event that you are facing a financial catastrophe. Business insurance is a critical part of your construction insurance coverage, and we know exactly how to put together a plan that will protect you and your business.

The construction industry is exciting, but it is also unpredictable. If you go into every job without the right construction insurance coverage, then you are putting your company and yourself at unnecessary risk. Our business experts will sit down with you and put together a construction insurance program that will protect your business, and make sure that you have the peace of mind you need in a competitive business.