Personal Lines

Personal Insurance Broker

Your personal possessions are more than just things that you own. They represent the most significant investments of your life and the memories that come with having a family. Our personal lines services include:

  • Homeowners insurance
  • Umbrella insurance
  • Auto coverage
  • Personal liability insurance
  • Watercraft/Marine insurance

Your home is where your family lives and grows. It is the place where memories are made that will last the rest of your lives. Your family car takes you and your children to school, soccer practice, and those school functions that create photos that will last for years. When you start talking about personal lines insurance, you are talking about much more than just some buildings and vehicles.

Our insurance professionals understand the importance of your personal possessions. We know that there is a financial and an emotional side to the things that your family has accumulated. That is why we will take the time to assess your personal risk and put together a comprehensive coverage plan that will meet your needs.

What should you do when your children get old enough to start driving the family car? What happens when the tree in the front yard falls through the living room window? These are questions that people all over the country face on a regular basis, and the answer is to contact an insurance agent. Are you covered for the damages? Are your children covered when they drive the car?

We have families of our own and we know the kinds of real questions that you have to ask each day. But we are also insurance professionals who know the value of planning for contingencies that are not regular occurrences. The only way to handle an emergency is to be as prepared as you can before that emergency happens. The ability to handle emergencies is just one of the benefits of having an insurance professional you can rely on.

When you work with TCE Insurance, you are working with a group that designs programs specifically for YOU the insured.

Put your personal possessions, and the safety of your family, into our capable hands. Let us show you how we prepare a risk assessment for personal property and let us show you the network of resources we have to protect you and your family from disaster. We know how important personal insurance is because we use it ourselves. Let us show you what we have learned about protecting your property and your family.