Outdoor Dining Safety Tips

With warm, humid days ahead and the lingering risk of COVID-19, it’s time to make sure your outdoor dining area is in tip-top shape. Follow these outdoor dining safety tips to give your customers a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

  1. Clean and Disinfect Frequently

Daily cleaning in the restaurant industry isn’t new, but it’s certainly more important than ever. To ensure your restaurant is the best environment it can be:

  • Maintain the same daily cleaning schedule
  • Sanitize all food contact surfaces
  • Wear gloves when handling trash
  • Use food-safe disinfectants 

  1. Avoid Shared Items 

In lieu of sanitizing high touch surfaces or objects repeatedly, try to avoid shared items altogether. Instead, use:

  • Digital menus customers can scan on their phones
  • Disposable items for things like silverware and condiments
  • Touchless payments systems

  1. Keep Customers Informed

It can be dangerous to block roads or sidewalks with crowds of people looking to dine at your restaurant. Keep your staff and customers of your restaurant’s updated protocols:

  • Hold meetings or send emails to inform staff
  • Use signs throughout and in front of the restaurant to inform customers
  • Post information on social media platforms

  1. Level Walking Areas

Make sure all walking areas are level and do not contain any hazards. To avoid walking hazards:

  • Test the areas to make sure they are level
  • Place signs over slippery areas
  • Remove any wires or objects in walking areas
  • Create clearly designated walking areas

  1. Prepare for Rainfall

The weather can change in a matter of moments, so it is extremely important to prepare in advance. To prepare for any inclement weather hazards you can:

  • Monitor the daily forecast
  • Notify customers in advance of your weather plan
  • Evacuate all customers if thunder or lightning occurs

  1. Provide Heat Safety

On extremely hot days, it is important to provide amenities for your guests that prevent overheating.

  • Provide a shaded area; like an umbrella, tent or awning
  • Limit alcohol consumption
  • Leave a pitcher of water at each table

It is important to make sure that all of your risks are covered if you want to sustain business. TCE is the business partner you need to enhance your reputation and grow your revenues on a regular basis.