Office Safety Tips

Sitting in a desk chair at the office all day may not seem like the most dangerous work environment to be in, but potential hazards can still be present within your office. To ensure your office is a safe place to work, remind your employees of potential risks and safety tips they can follow throughout their work day.

Identify Workplace Risks
Identifying workplace risks is extremely important in order to eliminate hazards before they even occur. All employees in the office should be aware of potential risks so that they can quickly identify them and make adjustments accordingly. If employees can predict an accident happening from a current situation in the workplace they should find a solution or report the situation immediately.

Potential Risks:
– Heavy items placed on high shelves
– Loose cords in walking areas
– Open drawers
– Improper lighting
– Items placed in aisles or on stairs
– Cluttered or unorganized workspaces
– Slippery floors
– Blocked emergency exits
– Rusty office furniture

Implement Safety Tips
Every office should implement safety tips for their employees to follow so that they can avoid injury and keep a safe working environment. Although you may expect your employees to be safe while at work it is never a bad idea to remind them of important safety tips.

General Safety Tips:
– Wear appropriate clothing and footwear
– Use handrails when walking up stairs
– Put items away after each use
– Keep a clean and organized workspace
– Clean up spills or notify someone immediately
– When moving heavy objects, keep them close to your body
– When sitting at a desk, adjust the chair and other items accordingly to avoid strain on the body
– Take breaks to stretch out the body from sitting down
– Know all emergency procedures in case of an emergency

In the event one of your workers is injured while in the office, worker’s compensation insurance can help your business cover lost wages or medical expenses the employee may need due to an injury or illness. However, this should not stop you from implementing office safety into your workplace. Employees should continue to practice general safety guidelines and be aware of potential risks in order to maintain a safe work environment. Contact TCE for more information about comprehensively protecting your business and those who work for you.